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Lyon Airport Car Parks

There are 8 car parks at Lyon Airport. They are P0 and P1, covered parking (Parcs Couvert in French)for less than three days. P2 and P6 uncovered parking for less than three days. Then there is P5 uncovered long-term parking, 3-90 days. Some car parks have rates posted at the entrance.

There are also two drop off car parks – the first 15 minutes is free. Look for signs 'Dépose Minute'. There is one in front of terminal 2 next to car park P2 and another in front of the TGV train station.

Lastly there is e-Park (site in French) a car park where you can only book on line. Note: all bookings have a €10 fee!

Don't worry about finding any of the car parks, they are all well signposted. There are signs that tell you the number of parking spaces left in each car park.

In terms of distance Car Parks P0, P1 and P2 are closest to the airport. P0 and P1 are in front of Terminals 1 and 3. P2 is in front of Terminal 2. Then there is P6 and e-Park. P6 is across from the entrance to the TGV station. Finally P5 is farthest from the airport.

There is free separate shuttle service to car parks P5, P6 and e-Park. Most shuttle stops have a map and schedule. In some car parks to find the shuttle stop look for Navette Gratuite.

Payment for all car parks can be made at the many machines you will find inside the airport. Look for the signs. Payment can by made by credit card or bank notes and coins. You will need the ticket you received when you entered. Rumour has it payment can also be made when you exit, but this doesn't always seem to be the case!